MCAA Science Communication webinar- 26th October 4pm CET


How to increase the impact of your research and boost your career


Would you like to be able to reach a broader audience and have a bigger impact on society?  Or maybe you are wondering  what could be an interesting  alternative from academia and what should be the next step in your career? Communicating Science and scientific results to the public is critical to address the global challenges that our society is facing. Researchers need to be able to reach out to the general public and be understood. The role of the media is also central regarding the question of propagating fake news or misinformation. A strong collaboration between scientists, journalists and policy makers is crucial on this matter.
If you are interested in knowing more about science communication and how researchers can work with and for society join us on 26th of October at 4pm (CET) to learn from three experts in the field.



Prof. Muki Haklay works in the Department of Geography at University College London where he teaches Geographic Information Science. He is the co-director of the UCL Extreme Citizen Science group, which is dedicated to allowing any community, regardless of their literacy, to use scientific methods and tools to collect, analyse, interpret and use information about their area and activities. Prof. Haklay is involved in many international collaborative projects, including the EU Horizon 2020 “EU-Citizen Science” and “Doing it Together Science”. Additionally, he is co-founder and director of a social enterprise “Mapping for Change”. He has extensive experience in science communication and has dedicated his career to improving public access to environmental evidence-based information and promoting community-led investigations.



Vitalba Crivello is an expert in Science Policy and Communication with a rich background, ranging from: International Law, Economics and Politics, and Communication and Media. She has been working in Brussels since 2005 where she has held various roles in the domains of policies, projects management and communication, in various EU institutions and consulting firms. In 2018, she joined the European Parliament to launch and develop a brand new project: the European Science-Media Hub, aiming at bridging the gap between scientists, journalists and policy makers through networking, training and knowledge sharing in order to promote the communication and use of evidence-based information.



Elodie Chabrol obtained a PhD in Neurogenetics in Paris and while pursuing research as a postdoc at UCL, London she got involved in the creation of the Pint of Science festival in 2013. She created the French branch in 2014 and after 4 years of postdoc and Pint of Science simultaneously, she decided to leave research and become a science communicator. She is the international director for Pint of Science, but is also involved in various science communication projects as a freelance.


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19 Apr 2021

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