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In the following link 


you can find how to register in the webinar "Alternative proteins, consumers and sustainability in Europe: Where next?" .

To accelerate this shift, there is increasing interest in innovative foods, such as cultivated (cultured) meat or plant-based meat. These have the potential to significantly reduce the negative effects of animal consumption on human health and the environment, while offering meat-eating consumers a similar sensory experience. What does the evidence tell us about consumer attitudes and perceptions towards these food technologies? What challenges and opportunities lie ahead, and what policy levers will be necessary to ensure consumer uptake?


  • Céline Tschirhart, SAPEA

  • Alex Holst, the Good Food Institute Europe

  • John Thøgersen, Aarhus University

  • Chris Bryant, University of Bath

Moderator: Michael Creek, Stickydot


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Thursday, 11 February, 2021
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