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The Italy Chapter is part of the MCAA.

We encourage local networking and recruitment to attract new members to the Association and to enhance the MCAA image within Italy.

The MCAA Italy Chapter is for MCAA members residing, for those having regular business contacts in Italy, and for Italian citizens living all around the world.


The membership of the Italy Chapter is open to all MCAA members and it is free!


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Events - February/March - 2021

Science Communication Talk Series 2021


What is it? 

A series of short talks and labs about different scicomm topics.

When is it? 

February and March 2021, at lunch time (no more than 2h in the time range 12:00-15:00).

Where is it? 

Online with Zoom and/or GoToMeeting.

What benefits? 

We can officially report/certificate the number of hours of the course and your institute can decide to convert them into ECTS points (credits). Moreover, for MCCAIT members, we will assign a prizemoney award to the best communicator.

Award details: You will be asked to work individually or in small groups to create a content (graphic, written, audio, or video) that will have the purpose of bringing doubters closer to an understanding of how the Covid-19 vaccine works and, hopefully, be less afraid of it. You will have two weeks to work on the final content. After that, we will meet again to revise your creations (with 30 minutes per group) and make them ready to be published on the MCAA social media accounts. The content that will gain the most engagement will receive prizemoney!

How much does it cost? 

Registration fee is 50€.

Who can apply? 

There will be a limited number of seats. The priority will be given to the MCAA Italy Chapter Members, then to the MCAA Members of the other chapters and, in case of some seat left, it will be open to non-members.

When the registration deadline? 

The 14th of February 2021.

Register now via email!

Full Program available here!

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We are waiting for you!


Board 2020/2022




The MCAA Italy Chapter board works to develop new strategies to foster collaboration among members, to improve the working and living conditions of the members, and to support their career development. We mainly focus our activity on:

  • Organization of workshops and seminars;

  • Organization of career development events;

  • Collection of useful information and contacts;

  • Science communication.

Aims and objectives


  • Support for young alumni;

  • Boost the career of experienced alumni;

  • Improve networking and communication;

  • Improve the impact of MCAAIC on national policies.


Meet us


Riccardo Biondi - Chair

Vladislav Gavryusev - Vice-chair

Elena Fiorin - Secretary

Francesca Faedi - Communication Manager 

Maria Romano - Events Manager

Mariana Oliveira - Social Media Manager


Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities


Latest Events

Seminar "Addressing conservation with marine spatial planning in the age of climate change"




Milan October 15. NETWORKING DAY The MCAA Italy Chapter Meets the Industry