Most of research activity in the biomedical area is either fundamental or translational. Translational meanings that the goal of your research is to at some point improve health care and medicine.

However, the road from the lab to the actual use of your research in real life is paved with obstacles. The application of your research ends up as a blurry objective, something you mention in publications, without knowing how it could actually become a new treatment or a novel diagnostic tool.

It is true that the obstacles in the biomedical field are bigger than in the other fields. The clinical trials are expensive, with a low success ratio, very long time before bringing profit which makes investment risky and thus hard to get! But on the other hand, it’s becoming more and more clear that despite those obstacles, the investment risk can be overcome and the reward is even bigger!

Nowadays, more and more European and national organizations understand the potential of biotech companies and propose funding schemes to raise your translational research. 


This webinar co-organised by the MCAA France Chapter and the YEBN, aims to present you how you can transform your biomedical research in a company. Introducing you examples of Startup accelerator programs and testimony of former researchers that created their startup.



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Dr Maria Riveiro have over 15 years of experience working in preclinical drug development, she led the preclinical development seed phase of 13 novel leads, covering small molecules and monoclonal antibodies. This included the evaluation of first-in-man drugs in the oncology field, such as a galectin-1 inhibitor and a bromodomain inhibitor for hematologic malignancies and solid tumors, actually under evaluation in human Phase I studies. She is specialized in molecular pharmacology assessments, PK/ADME and CMC regulatory compliance and intellectual property rights in biotechnology companies.
Currently, as E2DG’s Chief Scientific Officer, she supports the clients and collaborators to optimize and accelerate their R&D programs in oncology. E2DG offers professional assistance all along the drug development life cycle, from lead optimization to Phase I clinical trials in oncology.


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Giacomo Bastianelli holds a PhD in computational biology and protein engineering from the Pasteur Institute in Paris and a M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. Giacomo is a serial entrepreneur specialized in biotechnology and high-tech with extended expertise in building innovative businesses. Over the years he founded and managed several companies such as Meiogenix, SCI-BRAIN and Lounjee. Giacomo has business training from Stanford University and HEC.


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Joanne Kanaan is the CEO and co-founder of the French startup Omini. This company is developing a new generation of portable and immediate blood tests using a new patented biosensor technology, to meet the new challenges of decentralized and personalized healthcare. After achieving bachelor and master’s degrees in biochemistry in Lebanon, Joanne obtained a PhD in biochemistry and biophysics from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, before reorienting herself towards entrepreneurship and innovation.