We’ve been part of a complex project with a 3,97 € million budget, 16 young international researchers from 8 nations based on a complex European networking project. The consortium was composed of 3 universities, 2 hospitals, and 3 companies located in different countries in Europe.

The main WiBEC (Wireless In-Body Environment; https://www.ntnu.edu/wibec) objectives were excellent research, innovative doctoral education, new knowledge and skills to solve current and future challenges in medical technologies and healthcare.

Due to the great importance and visibility of the results of the WiBEC project, tailored coaching interventions were requested to contribute to an accelerated learning and team development process. The coaching process focused on the high potentials as they will be the next generation of leaders.

If you are interested in a successful approach and the lessons learned for your own projects within your organization and how to support those who are facing challenging situations:

We will share with you this unique team coaching approach from several different insights: high potentials, supervisory board members, coordinator, coach and the European Commission Committee.

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Agenda of “Turn challenges into success stories”:
1. Setting of the EU-project and why we integrated a unique team coaching approach
2. Methods and results of the team coaching approach
3. Different insights from participants
4. Recommendations
5. Q&A session


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MCAA Norway Chapter, Dr. Mona Haug, WiBEC Consortium (Wireless In-Body Environment), European Commission, WattWorker, AI-Mind, Brain-Symph.