BSB Webinar: Collaboration Canvas, a framework for collaboration between academics and industry

Webinar: Research and Innovative Collaborations are the core of the motivation and productivity inside an organization, and the key of the collaboration teams is to have and create a psychological safety environment. How is possible to create a psychological safety environment within new collaboration teams, virtual and remote teams. Our answer is using Emotional Intelligence Skills and a new methodology to bring clarity to manage expectations, increase communication and performance. 
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Academics, researchers and scientifics who are collaborating for research projects. Entrepreneurs who are building a new startup, a new team for their new business and who wants to build a strong team and culture.

Speaker:  Jara Pascual is an author and entrepreneur centered on Innovation. She is CEO and founder of Collabwith, an online platform bringing people together and encouraging collaborations online and offline. As Board Member of the Forum Knowledge4Innovation her voice is heard regularly at the European Parliament. Co-founder and Managing Director TWOO The Wominvest Observatory. She is also the host of the Innovation Podcast “Business of Collaboration” and Book author of “Innovation & Collaboration in the Digital Era” from publisher @DeGruyter (coming in fall of 2021). Jara is a Telecom Engineer with an MBA and she is writing about innovation management for different online magazines. She has worked for 15 years in Innovation Management doing transformational innovation culture and projects in a number of Fortune 500 Companies and R&D Labs.


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Online / Webinar

24 Sep 2021