BSB Webinar: EIT Food Webinar II - Inspire Summer Schools

This session, featuring EIT Food, will explore how entrepreneurship and food innovation come together at  EIT Food Inspire Summer Schools.  In this, the second and final webinar of the EIT Food webinar series, Mina Mansoor Rankel (Programme Manager in Education at EIT Food) and Chryssa Dimaki (Entrepreneurship Program Manager at Technical University of Munich) will provide insight into the programme as well as answer any questions which may arise during the session. For more information, please to register by May 19 and join us on May 20, 2021 at 1700 CEST for our second EIT Food webinar.

Speakers: Chryssa Dimaki is an entrepreneurship program manager at Technical University of Munich, Office for Research & Innovation. In this role, she supports students and academic start-ups with high-quality training bootcamps in entrepreneurship and venture creation, organised across Europe and in the US. She is the activity lead of  the Global Food Venture Program of EIT Food for PhD students in Europe. Chryssa has studied Plant Sciences at the Agricultural University of Athens and completed her PhD in Agricultural Engineering at Newcastle University in the UK. She has 5 years of post-doctoral research activity in the UK and Germany, before joining TUM.

Mina Mansoor Rankel is a Programme Manager in Education at EIT Food, with responsibility for the Global Food Venture Programme (GFVP).

Register at by May 19