[EURAXESS ASEAN+ MCAA SEA] Career Development Webinar Series 2021 – Session 2 “Effective Science Communication for Researchers”

Part 2: Establishing a Digital Footprint 

It has become a professional necessity for scientists to develop and maintain a digital footprint. In this seminar Dr Sam Illingworth presents an overview of how to create a digital footprint that it is catered to your needs, experiences, and expectations. Including the use of blogs, podcasts, and social media. 
This event will take place on Wednesday, 5 May 2021 at 4.00pm VIE/5.00pm SG/10:00am UK / 11:00 CEST

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About the Speaker:

Dr Sam Illingworth is Associate Professor in Academic Practice at the ‪Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. His research is concerned with trying to engage and empower people with science, especially those without a voice. He writes science poems to try and communicate some of the beautiful and important scientific research that is being done on a daily basis, all across the world.

He has internationally-recognised expertise in interdisciplinary studies, with a background in environmental science. He is a Senior Fellow of the UK’s Higher Education Academy, with 60 publications and a h-index of 15. He is also the Chief Executive Editor of Geoscience Communication, co-director of the Manchester Game Studies Network, and founder of the poetry journal Consilience.

He is the author of A Sonnet to Science, Effective Science Communication, The Poetry of Science and other books.