The MCAA Communication Working Group aims to meet the real needs/expectations of members and also increase the visibility of the association to the rest of the research community and the general public.

The objective is to produce and provide innovative, high-quality, consistent communications, both online and in print. This will inform MCAA members and non-members about the progress of the association, and also about many other issues which may be considered relevant. The communication resources include newsletters, magazines, outreach activities, and multimedia.


There are many opportunities for you to become involved in the Working Group this year, here are just a few:


Write with us!

MCAA publishes newsletters, magazines, and a blog.  If you have an interesting topic or idea, you are very, very welcome to contribute. You may also help direct the editorial process or help with our social media accounts.


Help organise events!

Several local and international scale events have been (co-)organized by the communication workgroup. If you would like to work together on your own event, or need help with organization or promotion, get in touch!



After two successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018 and 2019, we continue to organize science-comedy shows! In addition, we would like to create a pool of science communicators for conferences, outreach activities, and other events. Would you like to perform your science at the biggest arts and cultural festival in the world?  Get in touch!



Join the Working Group! Send us an e-mail at the address below. 

For general enquiries/ideas/suggestions:


For more specific inquiries:

about the newsletter:

about the blog:

about social media:



Friends of the MCAA 

We are also responsible of the Mailchimp account of the MCAA, through which we send the latest updates of the association to our non-MCAA followers. 
The account is coordinated by Sarah Grace See.

If you want to know more about this or support it, send an email to:



Watch "The Dark Side of Research" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

Click here to watch the full show

Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities



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Ruben Riosa

Communication Working Group Chair
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Gian Maria Greco

Editor-in-Chief (Newsletter & Irradium)
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Valentina Ferro

MCAA Board
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Nicoleta Spinu

Communication Working Group Vice Chair

Latest Events



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"Visions in Science": interdisciplinary Scientific Event organized by the Max Planck PhDnet and the Max Planck Society


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