15 ESR positions EINST4INE ETN project on Industry Digital Transformation


<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>The&nbsp;<strong>European Training Network for InduStry Digital Transformation across Innovation Ecosystems</strong>, or&nbsp;<strong>EINST4INE</strong>, is a consortium coordinated by RMIT Europe (ES) and composed of: LUT University (FI), Aarhus University (DK), University of Cambridge (UK), University of Stuttgart (DE), SSSA (IT) and LUISS (IT) &nbsp;and 17&nbsp;academic and industry partner organsations working in the domain of industrial digital transformation.</p>

<p>EINST4INE beneficiaries are&nbsp;currently recruiting <strong>15 ESR</strong>&nbsp;for PhD projects&nbsp;related to industry digital transformations, robotics, management, environmental sustainability...</p>

<p>The deadline for applying is 25th April at 8pm.&nbsp;More on: https://www.einst4ine.eu/vacancies/</p&gt;

<p>Feel free to share with Master's students and other young researchers in the fields.</p>

<p>Thank you and kind regards,</p>