Apply for the Research Studies Association Research Network Grant Scheme!

by Aurelia Chaise

The Regional Studies Association supports and connects researchers and policymakers engaged in regional analysis and research. Its Research Networks are made up of individuals from different countries, interested in collaborating to examine an issue that responds to the aims and goals of the Association.

A Research Network should last for the maximum duration of three years.


Prioritised research themes

1. Austerity, risk and resilience

2. Urban and regional sustainability

3. Leadership and governance

4. Geo-economy and geo-politics

5. City region building and metro politics

6. Territorial politics and policy

7. Urban and Regional theory, methodology and data

8. Developing area studies

9. Socio-spatial inequalities, ageing, demography and wellbeing

10. Innovation, agglomeration, evolution

11. Firms, Sectors and Global production networks

12. Local and regional economic development and planning

13. Identity, citizenship and lived differences

14. Cohesion, competition and smart cities

15. Infrastructures and built environment

16. Climate change, adaptation and governance

17. Global Migration and regional development


What are the criteria?

  • Topic of interest to the RSA and its members;
  • Commitment to maximise participation;
  • Commitment to promote the RSA through dissemination, reporting of findings and recruiting new members;
  • Financial viability.


The maximum funding for Research Network is:

£10,000 (c. €11,200) for newly established networks;

£7,500 (c. €8,400) for renewing networks.


Deadline: 27 September 2019


Interested? Please send your applications and queries to


More information about the RSA Research Network Grant Scheme

RSA Research Network Grant Handbook

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