Call for experts – Join the non-food scientific Committee

by Aurelia Chaise

What is it? The European Commission invites scientists to join its non-food Scientific Committees. The Scientific Committees provide the Commission with ndependent risk assessment and scientific advice in the areas of public health, consumer safety and environmental risks.

Am I eligible? Applicants must hold:

  • a university degree in a relevant scientific area at postgraduate level;
  • at least 10 years of professional experience;
  • ability to work in English.

What are members’ tasks? Members are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis where opinions, statements or guidance document are discussed, drafted and adopted. In particular, they are requested to actively contribute to scientific discussions, examination of documents, drafting of opinions during meetings of Scientific Committees and their working groups; to attend workshops and hearings on invitation and act as ‘chairs’ and/or ‘rapporteurs’ of working groups, on an ad hoc basis.

Applicants should be aware that participating in the work of the Committees requires a commitment of approximately 4 hours a week on average

What is the deadline? The deadline for applications is 2 November 2015.

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