Call for Papers: Digital Philology for Multimedia Cultural Heritage

by Aurelia Chaise

What is it? Digitalisation of audiovisual resources represents a challenge in terms preserving them for future generations.

When it comes to digital source criticism, the methods and tools that philologists (and musicologists, linguists, historians, etc.) use to evaluate information during their investigation have a long tradition for printed texts and visual corpora, but they are still lacking to a large extent for digital (multimedia, therefore complex) resources.

Are the classical tools and methods still usable in the digital domain? How does the fact that in the digital age making an exact copy is possible, affect these tools and methods? What should new tools and methods look like? How do the content-wise and technical discussions in this matter interact?

What are the topics? The papers may represent a variety of theoretical perspectives and different methodological approaches. Submissions examining all areas of active and passive preservation and restoration of audio/multimedia documents are strongly encouraged, in particular:

  • Digital philology: new concepts, methods and tools;
  • Preservation of audio documents: principles, guidelines, approaches, reflections;
  • Preservation of multimedia documents: challenges and possibilities;
  • Preservation of interactive (art)works;
  • Audio signal restoration;
  • Digital representation of human-machine interaction;
  • Computational paradigms for audio archives;
  • Music information retrieval;
  • Metadata in audio/multimedia archives;
  • Copyright and privacy issues in preservation and distribution;
  • Studio reports from the main audio/multimedia archives involved in original preservation projects.

What is the deadline? Submit your paper by 1 November 2017.

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