European Patent Office/Academy - study visits invitations for 2019

by michael rogers

The EPO/EPA provide access to the largest single source of technical information in the world: our databases containing millions of patent documents. This allows you to see what already exists, find out about technical aspects of your competitors’ work or spot trends in technology. Discover the potential of the EPO’s legal patent information: see if and where a patent has been granted, if it is valid, if there is still time to challenge it, and much more. Also, don't forget that patent statistics and patent portfolio valuations are excellent sources of business information.


Students from all fields at European universities are invited to our study visits tailored especially for them! We are offering this popular one day study visit to raise and increase awareness of the European patent system among students. It provides hands-on experience of the EPO and offers insight into the work of EPO experts, patent examiners and lawyers each focusing on a different topic. Registration starts now [ 

] Study visit dates for 2019 are: 17 January in Munich [ 

] (deadline: 2 January) 27 March in The Hague 

] (deadline: 6 March) 27 June in Munich 

] (deadline: 6 June) 10 October in Munich