EVEN if you never read the NEWS items, read this one

by michael rogers

The few news stories published today all relate to one item. This is the new framework for funding R&D and Innovtion by the EC and comes out only once in a blue moon - or less perhaps...

Every 7 year budget cycle is within a framework for achievening policy goals and financial constraints; and is based on a long term planning horizin. In fact, it is deliberately based on critieria and timescales that most governments cannot allow themselves. That is a part of the function of the EC - to do together what national governments cannot do. 

The news items of today will fund research well into 2030; so if you are just starting out at University of have children that are starting their secondary school this year, you may well be effected by these decisions and priorities

Much remains to be debated and prioritised - not least the actual levels of funding allocated by the heads of governments. That is why it is important that YOU, as a beneficiary of past or current funding; speak up about your experience and professional opinions about the future. Scientists are listened to. The big MISSIONS that are proposed in the new programme wil be decided by voices to be heard, not by politicians or even civil servants.

So contribute to the MCAA policy groups, mobilise your political contacts in the member states, your euro MP, you rlocal administration. Lets send the MSCA actions into the future with a strong voice that wil be heard all over the world, and not limit our Horizons (to) Europe.