Facial recognition and emotions

by Ivan Alvarez Leon

Dear colleague,

My name is Ivan Alvarez and I developed my Marie Curie at Cornell University between 2014-2016. During that period I conducted several experiments focused on emotions and architecture. 

After finishing my research I decided to create the startup Emotional Data. 

Our technology recognize emotions of people in order to predict growth of companies (EBIDTA and ROI) from facial expressions, among others.

Emotional Data launched its technology in crowdfunfind (Kickstarter). If you like our project and you are interested to support us, please click bellow.

We are offering a convenient reward, in which for 5 or 15 euros we will send you data for 2 years.  

Here the crowdfundinf link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/emotionaldata/emotional-data-emoti…