New book “Modeling and Computing in Geotechnical Engineering: An Introduction” published by an MCAA member

by Aurelia Chaise

If you’re interested in modeling and computing in geotechnical engineering, keep reading! Can Ulker, an MCAA member, together with M.S. Rahman, has been working on the book “Modeling and Computing in Geotechnical Engineering: An Introduction”, now available.

 3 reasons why you should read it

  • The book includes MATLAB codes and MAPLE worksheets of simple analytical and numerical solutions of basic geotechnical problems such as steady-state seepage flow, load-deformation, compression, decoupled and coupled consolidation and others etc. with powerful visualisation features.
  • It teaches the fundamentals of constitutive modeling in terms of general elasto-plasticity with emphasis on soil plasticity as well as analytical and numerical methods used to develop solutions (to geotech systems) in a sophisticated yet easy-to-understand manner. Worked out exercise problems complement the theory.
  • It can be used as a basic textbook to a wide range of reader profiles from early-stage graduate students to researchers and practicing engineers by combining the necessary theory and related practical applications.

Interested? The book is available here.

Any question? Get in touch with Dr. Ulker at