Pioneers into Practice: apply as a pioneer or as a host

by Aurelia Chaise

Have you heard about the Climate-KICs’ Pioneers into practice programme? It is a development and placement programme aimed at climate change professionals.  Operating in 15 European locations, the Pioneers programme runs from May through to November and consists of a 4-6 week placement. Want to be a pioneer or a host? Learn how you can apply!


You can apply as a pioneer if you:

  • have experience and/or qualifications relevant to the climate change challenge, including wide ranging areas such as mobility, energy networks, the building sector and land and water management;
  • are committed to help tackle climate change and to be part of a community of likeminded professionals putting together influential and entrepreneurial climate change plans;
  • are available and committed to attend the key dates outlined in the programme timeline;
  • live in one of the eligible locations;
  • have advanced English language skills;
  • are openminded and keen to learn, share and enjoy!


You can apply as a host if you:

  • show relevant experience or interest in the topic of climate change and/or the low carbon economy.
  • are located within one of the eligible locations.
  • are able to provide a working space and relevant supervision to work with the pioneer in defining a sustainability related work task for the placement
  • are able to host placements in September and October.
  • are Interested to expand your network and generate new business cases, to gain knowledge as well as a competitive advantage through hosting a pioneer.
  • are Interested to learn about Systems Innovation and undertake the extensive online elearning course available to them.
  • are an openminded organisation that is keen to learn, share and enjoy all the stages of the Pioneers into Practice programme and use it as a win-win situation!


How to apply

Apply online now at



Applications will close on 15 April 2018 24:00 CET


For more programme information please visit