Wanted: scientists, science historians or science writers

by Aurelia Chaise

The Lindau Mediatheque is looking for a small elite of scientists, science historians or science writers with a PhD in the natural science/health/economic science fields. Interested? Keep reading!

With unique content dating back to 1952, the Lindau Mediatheque contains more than 500 science lectures held by Nobel Laureates, educative films, interactive research labs, scientific texts, abstracts, profiles, image galleries, representing 66 years of Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. The Mediatheque is gradually being developed further to provide a learning platform and research resource for scientists and those fascinated by science. Its unique content represents one of the most extensive science archives of top-level research worldwide.


The Mediatheque’s main focus lays on the various disciplines of the Lindau Meetings  – namely physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, economic sciences; its content extends to the various research fields of the 450 Laureates who have presented their research in Lindau so far:


We are seeking scientists, science historians or science writers with a PhD in the natural science/health/economic science fields, excellent writing skills and a sound experience in science writing. Text production applies to the development of scientific text clusters (Topic Cluster; EUR 2500 gross/each) and biographical profiles (Research Profile; EUR 750 gross/each).

Topic Clusters compile comprehensible introductions to major scientific fields and topics, like cancer, proteins, sub-atomic particles, or quantum mechanics. They cluster and contextualise related Mediatheque content by referring to science lectures held by Nobel Laureates in Lindau. They basically aim at informing/educating young scientists:


Research Profiles are biographical profiles of all Nobel Laureates who have thus far participated in the Lindau Meetings. They contain explanatory information on the scientific accomplishments of the laureates, relating their research to the historical as well as to the contemporary scientific context. They basically aim at informing/educating young scientists, grammar students and the general public:


Deadline: 31 March 2016.

We would be very grateful to call you and discuss with you personally the possibility of collaboration.


Dr. Patricia Edema
Mediatheque / Archives

Phone: +49 8382 277 31 18

NB: In case of any member being successful in obtaining any of these work assignments, the MCAA invites such members to consider making a small donation to the MCAA budget (e.g.10 %, as it is commonly asked in such cases).