Panel session at MCAA Virtual Conference 2020 on "Structural violence and harassment within the scientific environments”

Dear friends,

I am pleased to inform you about the organised discussion panel at the next MCAA virtual conference this Saturday, the 7th November, 11:15 am, on the following topic: “Structural violence and harassment within the scientific environments”.

Taking into consideration that this theme has gained a lot of interest and attention in this association in recent times, I kindly invite you to interact with us by asking questions to our guests.

Our panelists on this occasion are:

  • Karen Stroobants - Board Member at Marie Curie Alumni Association | Co-Founder of MetisTalk

  • Darragh McCashin - Assistant professor in Psychology - Dublin City University | Leader of Researcher Mental Health Task Force in MCAA Policy Working Group | Co-Founder of Referent

  • Jeanne Ponté - Women's rights Activist and Founder of @MeTooEP- European Law expert

  • Vincent Immanuel Herr - Non-Fiction Author | Public Speaker & Moderator | Part of HERR & SPEER | Catalyst HeForShe Germany | Founder Freeinterrail

  • Lidia Natalia Trusilewicz - European Commission Subject Matter Expert and Project Monitor | Senior Researcher in Civil and Engineering Science | Leader of Responsible Research Environments Task Force in MCAA Policy Working Group (moderator)


Please find below the abstract released for the panel. Whether you are not willing to attend the conference, the questions or suggestions of debate paths can be addressed through a private message on the platform to me or to or by answering to this post.

Feel also free to give this post its maximum diffusion.

Thank you very much and I hope you can attend the conference in its entirety.

Take care!






“We all want to work in healthy environments and be surrounded by positively motivating factors. Recently, Geneva’s 108th International Labour Conference approved a new Convention and Recommendation to combat violence and harassment at work with an overwhelming majority.

Researchers increasingly occupy a panoply of professional areas both in academia and the business world. This session will address the specificity of this professional category tackling the structural violence and harassment phenomenon.

We will discuss, among other issues:

- the real personal and professional cost of becoming scientists and succeeding within the profession…?

- the research culture that often promotes the acceptance of a certain level of bullying/mobbing…?

- 100 years more for equal payment…?

- Is preventing and combating isolation and providing a scientist with appropriate solutions of mental health support only about a potential victim…?

Tools and Actions for mitigating the structural violence, aiming societal transformation, on the one hand, and structural best practises’ effective attraction, on the other, are discussed and contrasted between the panellists.”


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