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25 May 2020

Life of international researchers in Germany

Are you an international researcher in Germany? The MCAA German chapter invites you to take part in this webinar that will feature talks and discussions by and with invited speakers on the internationalization of research in Germany. What does it mean to be a mobile researcher in Germany and how can the MCAA and other organizations support the community and policy makers? Join us on May 25th 2020, 10-12 CEST as well as 13-14CEST for chapter meeting. Register today!
28 Jun 2019

BSB-webinar: How could scientists capture more value through blockchain technology?

The webinar will provide participants with a basic understanding of blockchain technology and how it can be used to foster innovation.
07 Mar 2019

BSB-webinar: Design your Success

Our speaker, Mohammad Rezaei, gives a talk on the key to success. If you consider how many tons of books about success burden shelves worldwide, it's clear how many people want to achieve it. But with so many options, it can be hard to know which is the best one. In this webinar, we take a look at some time-honored truths and real examples it might be useful to remind yourself of. This webinar doesn’t lay down inflexible rules for you to dogmatically apply to your life. It rather offers brilliant and unique ideas designed to inspire you to carry out your own experiments and craft a routine that suits your needs. Dr. Mohammad Rezaei is the chair of the Marie Curie Alumni Association Austrian Chapter and a postdoctoral researcher in Johannes Kepler University Linz. He is a passionate, creative and inspirational explorer who brings excitement, focus and leadership to open-minded, engaged and curious audiences. More info: www.mohammadrezaei.ga
23 Jan 2019

Effective leadership for successful research & innovation

In this webinar central aspects of effective leadership and management of staff are discussed, including the impact on achievement of goals in general  and as relevant to quality research and innovation as well as to the wellbeing of people.
21 Dec 2018

BSB-webinar: Oceanogami: an ongoing experiment from academia to business

Are you thinking to be an entrepreneur? Are you thinking to move from academia to the business world? In this talk, I discuss my personal experience moving from academia to the business world. I talk about an ongoing experiment (Oceanogami), including challenges and lessons learn in the very first steps of moving to business and being an entrepreneur. I hope this talk will engage you to jump from the pool to the ocean.